The LCD Class Action Settlement

Hawaii Consumers Due Payment from Electronics Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits are claims made by large groups of people who claim they were injured or damaged by a company. The lawsuit is brought by class representatives since it is difficult to name every injured party. In the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) class action, the claim was that manufacturers of flat screen television monitors and the flat screens on laptop computers conspired to fix prices on their products. This is a violation of federal and most state laws, including Hawaii. Hawaii along with 24 other states allow consumers who purchased LCD products to sue for the violations of federal and state law.

Mr. Hisaka filed the class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of the LCD screens on behalf of all Hawaii consumers. As a result of the $1.1 billion settlements, Hawaii consumer who made claims received checks for $43-$86 per LCD they had purchased during the relevant time periods.

Victims' family from Waikele bunker explosion recognizes 2nd anniversary.

People who are injured in accidents may have the right to bring a claim for their injuries and damages against the persons or companies they believe are responsible for their injuries and damages. The Waikele explosion in Honolulu on April 8, 2011 is one such accident. Mr. Hisaka along with other attorneys for the workers who died in the firework's explosion filed lawsuits arising out of that explosion.

Honolulu, August 20, 1994. Tyke the elephant goes on a rampage.

One of the most famous incidents in Hawaii took place on August 20, 1994, when Tyke the Elephant went on a rampage at a circus performance. During the rampage, his trainer was killed and others injured. There are many videos of the incident which made international news and are still shown today on cable and television. A movie will debut shortly on the rampage. Mr. Hisaka was the attorney for Tyke and his owner and defended over 100 claims/lawsuits.